Terry Cryer



I first met Terry in 1979, after my father (an Art Adviser in Yorkshire) was involvevd in commissioning a photographer
to work with children and a teacher in a Kirklees school. I was invited to join Terry, together with other teachers, for a
day of photography. I was 18, at the time. Terry was about the same age as my father. I'd been interested in photography
since the age of 8, when my mother showed me how to take and then develop, my own photographs.

Terry and I got on well immediately, and it wasn't long before we had divided into pairs, or small groups, leaving Terry and
me to walk off together. My education began almost immediately, and it wasn't just with photography. Terry was from a
very working class background, compared to my essentially middle class one. I had a lot to learn about life and Terry
immediately cut through my naivety

A few weeks later, Terry invited me to his home in Harrogate, on Duchy Road. I'd decided to take the train and in those days,
mobile phones didn't exist. When I arrived at the station, he was nowhere to be seen and I felt somewhat anxious that he
appeared to have forgotten about me. I had his address and eventually managed to find my way to his somewhat imposing
house. He'd apparently been to the station, I think... but somehow, we missed each other... I can't remember now. Anyway, all
was soon forgotten and he showed me his photographic darkroom - consisting of a corridor off from the open plan lounge-kitchen
area, terminating in a small square room at the end. The white walls were randomly covered in scrawled formulas and photographic
recipes. Terry joked that if he moved house, he might have to take the wall with him, as he never kept paper notes.

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